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    Inspiration from the mat

    The room is a blank canvas waiting to support the connection and love about to unfold, empty but for a few chairs, books and a bin of yoga mats with a stale odor. The chill [...]
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    What is a Yoga Gangster anyway?

    We often get some interesting emails asking about our name “Gangsters” and some push back from centers who feel we glorify the “gangster” culture and [...]
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    Why Yoga Gangsters ?

    You found your way to this path – now what? It seems it can be overwhelming, this deep call to help; to make a difference. I know exactly how you feel. It took me over 40 [...]
Yoga Gangsters

New Event

  Enjoy a week of inner growth and rest as we spend a week in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We will provide your YG certification and use it at the Maria Teresa de Calcutta school. We will provide the school with a little bit of yoga and lots of love, guided by local Octavio Cifuentes and powered up with [...]


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